Soft Wash is a “Low Pressure” process to remove Mould, cobwebs, organic stains, dirt, dust etc from a surface utilising a specific combination of detergents, bleaching agents, surfactant and water.

This specialised process is gentle on the surface being cleaned yet is a highly effective and safe cleaning process. In many cases this process can effectively clean surfaces up to 3 storeys high from ground level mitigating the inherent risks involved with working at heights or the additional costs, inconvenience and safety concerns of having scaffolding or man lifts such as cherry pickers, scissor lifts etc onsite.

Examples of surfaces that benefit dramatically from a genuine Soft Wash include;

  • Roofs, tiled, colorond, zincalume, galvanised, painted
  • Exterior of buildings both residential and commercial
  • Rendered surfaces, walls, mail boxes, boundary fences
  • Paved areas, driveways, paths, pool areas, patios, pergolas
  • Rock walls
  • Painted concrete
  • Shade sails
  • Soffits (Eaves)
  • Underside of roofing, patios, pergolas, verandas
  • Painted timber framework, patios, pergolas, verandas

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